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Minimal Design


Minimal Design is one of the top web design trends in 2014. There are several reasons why people leave a website before spending too much time on it. One of them is because there is too

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Designing for Mobile


Mobile design has become very popular in the world of web development and design. There are some things to consider before and while developing websites for mobile usage. Make sure you know who your target audience

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Project Management


Project management is very important for projects that require a lot of tasks. Putting together all of the resources from your company’s departments and utilizing communication, planning and budgeting skills can make the completion process of

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The Importance of Wireframes


Building a wireframe for your website before you actually begin the design is crucial. It is a layout that shows where key components of each web page will be. Wireframes serve as the skeleton of a

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PPC Marketing


What is PPC Marketing? PPC  (pay-per-click) is a form of marketing where you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked by someone. PPC Marketing is driven by keywords. How is PPC Marketing Beneficial? Before

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SEO Trends


Social Media Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get your followers and supporters to visit your website, blog etc. Using social media can help if you don’t rank high in search engines. Guest Blogging Writing

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Startup Company Tips


Make the idea behind your startup company your passion. Have a mission and ongoing goal for your business. Talk about the industry of your business to anyone you can. You never know who you can learn

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Twitter Cards


Twitter cards are very useful tools in social media marketing. What: Twitter Cards make your tweets much more appealing and engaging Why: Twitter cards make life easier for your followers, drives traffic to your website, blog

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Which Social Media Platform is Better For Your Business?


Twitter:  Individuals and large businesses can benefit from using Twitter. The idea is to join, start conversations and interact with as much people as you can. Posting multiple times a day and engaging in multiple conversations

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SEO Importance


An important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, in many ways they still can’t see and

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