Web Design

Your website is the first impression that many will have of your company. Make sure that the web design presents a positive image. A study by Stanford University concluded that a consumer’s trust in a website is impacted the most by the site’s look, feel, presence, and professionalism. Don’t lose a potential client or customer because your website’s design does not meet the highest standards.

You don’t have to look far to see the importance image has to your competitors – visit any of their storefronts or offices in Los Angeles and you are likely to see a concentrated effort to present their business as well as possible. Consider this – to a passerby in Beverly Hills the caché of the retailers on Rodeo Drive is immediately conveyed by their outward presence. Your web design should be similar to that physical example in LA – a visitor to your website should instantly relate your company with its intended attributes. Let eMagidLA.com use our experience to create the right visual representation of your company to best appeal to a worldwide audience online.
Our design team will collaborate with you to take your vision and fully execute it, delivering a creative concept that will bolster the effectiveness of your web site. In relation to web design and development, form and function must be complementary. At eMagidLA.com, we determine whether the design is supporting the site’s functionality, and vice versa, along every step of the process. Our team is not only staffed with talented graphic and web designers, but user interface experts as well. The result is websites that are more cohesive and deliver the optimum visitor experience.
We invite you to see our outstanding results for yourself – to see examples of our web design projects, please visit the eMagidLA.com.