24 Hours E-commerce

If you are selling products directly to consumers or businesses through a retail chain than an E-Commerce solution is the next logical step to take in order to grow your business. These days there are many E-Commerce options to use in order to sell your products online. You can have it custom developed with all the specific criteria and functionalities that you want. You can use an open source platform like Open Cart, Magento, Volusion, and many others. Finally you can decide to use a third party company to sell your items like Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, and others. In order to decide which solution is the most practical for your business, you need to ask yourself several questions.

1.) How many products do you want to sell a day online?
2.) Do you have someone in house available to fulfill the orders and ship them out?
3.) Would you be willing to spend money advertising my website?
4.) How much inventory are you able to store in my office?
5.) How many SKU’s do you have?
6.) Is your product your own brand or are you selling a branded item?

After you answered these questions you can have a better idea of which platform works for you. EmagidLA can help you decide which solution would make the most sense to you and also develop the E-Commerce platform of your choosing.