Custom Web Development

Thinking about having a new website developed but not sure whether to go with an open source platform or have it custom developed from scratch?  Well EmagidLA is here to give you some advice about what’s your best course of action.  First of all building a website is like building a home.  There are many different varieties of websites that you can build with many different types of functionalities.  Based on what you are trying to achieve and your end goals for your website, will in end depend on whether custom development is the right option for you.

If your website is any type of brochure ware, which is just an informational website then you definitely do not need to have it custom built.  If you want to develop an E-Commerce website but it will have a limited amount of products with limited functionalities then chances are you would only need an open source E-Commerce platform like Open Cart.

So when does custom development come into play?  We typically build custom developed websites for clients who are looking for unique functionalities that don’t exist on the open platform.  We also build custom if the client wants several functionalities that are merged together in a specific manner.  Finally the most important reason why you would want to develop custom is to scale out your website.  What this means is that if you plan on having your website continually grow, you will eventually need to have it built custom.  That is why we ask the critical questions at the beginning to figure out what makes sense for our client.