Which Social Media Platform is Better For Your Business?

Twitter:  Individuals and large businesses can benefit from using Twitter. The idea is to join, start conversations and interact with as much people as you can. Posting multiple times a day and engaging in multiple conversations helps to draw attention to your account. Conversation, trending topics

Instagram: Individuals and large businesses can benefit from using Instagram.  The idea is to attract users to your brand/company with visually appealing image posts. Uploading 15 second videos that attract users are also helpful. One or two posts a day is recommended. Best times of day to guarantee your posts are seen are during commutes, evenings, and weekends. Using tools to track your stats on the most liked and commented posts is helpful. (Followgram).

Facebook: Everyone can benefit from using Facebook. There is no limit to what can be posted on Facebook to grjh,ab attention from your target audience (videos, text content, ads, events, photos, links etc). One or two times a day is the recommended amount of posts for Facebook. Investing in paid promotion for your Facebook page is a good idea. Make your page appealing and interaction-worthy. Encourage conversations and shares.

Pinterest: This platform would more benefit fashion, food, design, clothing and travel industries. Creative and intriguing content is recommended for posting. Something that will grab the attention of the user. There are no limits as to how many posts to make on Pinterest. Multiple times a day. Pinning and re-pinning is needed. It doesn’t matter how popular your content is.

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