The Importance of Wireframes

Building a wireframe for your website before you actually begin the design is crucial. It is a layout that shows where key components of each web page will be. Wireframes serve as the skeleton of a website. It is mainly basic shapes with very limited colors, usually just gray or black colors to represent content placement, navigation etc.

Sketching out a wireframe on paper is one way to illustrate your blueprint ideas. There are also programs, tools and cool apps that are available to assist you such as Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Illustrator and even Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating an easy flow throughout the page is also one of the reasons why building a wireframe is important. It is important that visitors navigate easily throughout your website. This is a way to illustrate the basic navigation flow and create it in a way that will keep the visitor’s attention as opposed to confusing them and driving them away.

Once these key factors are set and agreed upon, you can move onto the design phase. Knocking out the structure of your website saves time so you don’t have to “start over” when you attempt to do both at the same time by designing and deciding the layout together at once.

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