SEO Trends

seo-emagidlaSocial Media

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get your followers and supporters to visit your website, blog etc. Using social media can help if you don’t rank high in search engines.

Guest Blogging

Writing blogs for other brands and companies builds links, credibility and ongoing relationships that help to benefit the growth and exposure of the company in the future. It also helps to contribute information that can be good for your audience and reputation.


Placing images in your content will help to emphasize the main point of your content. For example, using infographics, which is a combination of text and images, is a way of spoon-feeding  your content to your audience. Everyone appreciates easy to access and easy to read.

Catchy Blog Title and Content

Create a name that will attract attention and draw readers in. Most of your posts should be based on searched keywords. Make it valuable to your audience.

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